KiT 2010: 3-DVD Set Trailer & Ordering Info

The Kumite in Tennessee 2010 Official DVD Set

Original tournament date: January 9, 2010
Total competitors: 81

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This set commemorates an unforgettable tournament which hosted some amazing match-ups and incredible upsets. These matches will NOT be uploaded online. THIS DVD SET IS THE ONLY WAY TO SEE THESE MATCHES!


Disc 1 – Winners Bracket
DanielPhoenix <FL> Vs. Crow <TX>
Lil Majin <TN> Vs. BigBoi <ATL>
Luigi Jr. <NEB> Vs. Crow <TX>
NinjaCW < DE > Vs. The Exalted <NYC>
Slips <STL> Vs. Lil Majin <TN>
Shatrian Talon <STL> Vs. Mick <TN>
DevilJun <TN> Vs. KoDee <TN>
Crow <TX> Vs. Fab <NYC>
NaclaM <NYC> Vs. Mick <TN>
Pokchop <ATL> Vs. Jody tha Great <STL>
Crow <TX> Vs. Clint <ATL>
The Exalted <NYC> Vs. Lil Majin <TN>
Fighting GM <NYC> Vs. NaclaM <NYC>
Pokchop <ATL> Vs. Nikos <AL>
Lil Majin <TN> Vs. Clint <ATL>
Fighting GM <NYC> Vs. Nikos <AL>

Disc 2 – Losers Bracket I
Devil Reborn <FL> Vs. Sluch <OH>
LOC <OH> Vs. IEatBamboo <TN>
DevilJun <TN> Vs. Sanford Kelly <NYC>
DanielPhoenix <FL> Vs. Anakin <ATL>
Sanford Kelly <NYC> Vs. MajinSSJ6Goku <TN>
Slips <STL> Vs. Mick <TN>
IEatBamboo <TN> Vs. Fab <NYC>
Slips <STL> Vs. Crow <TX>
WayGamble <FL> Vs. The Exalted <NYC>
NaclaM <NYC> Vs. Fab <NYC>
WayGamble <FL> Vs. Crow <TX>
Anakin <ATL> Vs. Fab <NYC>
Crow <TX> Vs. Nikos <AL>
Clint <ATL> Vs. Fab <NYC>
Crow <TX> Vs. Fab <NYC

Disc 3 – Losers Bracket II & Finals (Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals)
ShinkuuR <ATL> Vs. RPGKingH <TN>
DanielPhoenix <FL> Vs. Robert <TN>
Pokchop <ATL> Vs. Anakin <TN>
QCF Punch <TN> Vs. Barna <ATL>
ShinBlade <TN> Vs. Slips <STL>
Slips <STL> Vs. Sluch <OH>
Tom Brady <VA> Vs. BigBoi <ATL>
WayGamble <FL> Vs. Anotsu <TN>
WayGamble <FL> Vs. Bishop <TN>
Anakin <ATL> Vs. Shatrian Talon <STL>
He’s Back <TN> Vs. Mosin <TN>

Winners Finals: Lil Majin <TN> Vs. Fighting GM <NYC>
Losers Finals: Fighting GM <NYC> Vs. Fab <NYC>
Grand Finals: Lil Majin <TN> Vs. Fab <NYC>


That’s over 4 1/2 HOURS of DVD-quality Tekken 6 action featuring some of the top players from across the nation! (Sorry, but the DVDs come as a set and will NOT be sold individually at this time.)

Please support Kumite in Tennessee and help give back to those who helped this become one of the best run tournaments ever! It is because of your support that the TN crew is able to consistently provide such smoothly and professionally run tournaments.

Each 3-DVD set: $15 (That’s only $5/disc!)

$3 for your entire order.

Don’t miss 81 competitors battling for over $1000 in cash with matches including Lil Majin’s UNDEFEATED trek to becoming the new K.i.T. 2010 Tekken 6 champion!

Order now!

For ordering information please contact KoDee via
Tekken Zaibatsu / Shoryuken PM: kodee vu

General questions/comments thread: here

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