Vandy’s KiT 15 Shout Outs

With Kumite in Tennessee 15 in the books I would like to thank the people who made it all possible. KiT continues to grow at a fast rate – we nearly doubled in attendance from our 2014 event! With growth comes the need for more help I am proud to say we are surrounded by the best group of people in the world.

First and foremost I would like to thank all of the players who attended the event and continue to support us. Before we were tournament organizers we were players, and at the end of the day you are the reason we continue to do this. It really makes me feel good to talk to everyone indivually at the event and to hear you had a good time. It gave me chills when I heard KIT chants duing the tournament. Keep playing the games you love and keep getting out to events!

To my wife Alette: Thank you for you support of me and your belief in KIT and all the hard work at the event. Most of all thanks for putting up with me – I know it can’t be easy!

To my partner Beely Bounedara: you put in the work year round to make this event a success! Thank you for being the calming force that keeps me sane. Can’t wait to see what we have in store for the future of KIT!

To my partner Charlie Dycus (the godfather): thank you for still doing KiT after all these years! It was a blast traveling around the country this past year just like old times – how about we do it again? Thank you for holding it down during the event.

To my best friend Jonathan Hunter: seriously, I don’t know why you do so much for me, but I really appreciate it.

To Zach Edwards: without all of your help KIT could not function nearly as smoothly. I love your passion and excitement for the FGC and your desire to help build up the scene. The Invitational was a great success!

To Mike Teeter: Best artist on the planet.

To Jeremy Martin: There are few people who sacrificed as much to make the game you love even that much better at KIT. You deserve the props for how well Killer Instinct turned out.

To Brandon Alexander: not much else to say other than I LOVE YOU MAN. lol

To Nolber Torres: I appreciate you coming out and really looking forward to what you have going in the future!

To Eric Small: Thanks for coming down to hang out for the weekend and for all the support of KIT over the last couple years. Looking forward to all your future events and the big things I know you have planned.

To Brian Stone (Cha Cha) and the Buffalo crew: I owe you guys big time!

To the game directors: Jeremy Griggs (Mario Kart), Matt Ellis (Anime), Jason Wilson (Street Fighter), Marqus Dawson (Marvel), Matthew Cronnon (Smash), Nick Guajardo (NRS), Josh McWhorter (Tekken) and Richard Smith (Killer Instinct) – every single one of you were outstanding at KIT! You kept everything going just the way it should by working together as a team. You made sure your games ran on time to fit into the schedule of the event and it was all possible because I had you. I know I can be a pain while the event is running but thanks for bearing with me. I love all you guys!

To the rest of the volunteer bracket staff: Nolber Torres, Rob Haile, Adam Perry, Adam Wandler, Josh Cansler, Jeffrey Abell, Scott Jackson, Chandler Pecora, Papstr, and The GeeksGamers crew – you guys were amazing.

To the Broadcast Team: Jonathan Oudthone (PandaXGaming), Calvin Lofton (VGBootCamp), Arturo Sanchez (NYCFurby), Shaun Swain (NYCFab), Roger Howard (UltraArcade), Patrick Smith (SixFortyFive), and Paul Nguyen (FunkyP) – you made an awesome team to work with. Thank you for your professionalism and knowledge to work through all of the inevitable issues that come up. I could not be happier about how it turned out – we somehow streamed every game!

To all of our staff: Justin, Elisha, Jessica, Kenny, Tiana, Delishia, and everyone else who took a shift volunteering – thank you for all the hard work!

To all of KIT’s sponsors: Dyamic Custom Beadworks, GamesterGear, The Steam Co, Geeks and Gamers, Eighty-Sixed Clothing, Game Trader, The Score, BigEGaming, Ultra Arcade, and Canada Cup Gaming – thank you so much for believing in KIT and supporting the FGC. I look forward to seeing more great products and events from you!

To the all the people I know I will miss in this shout out post: I am sorry! Thanks for supporting!

Keep supporting the FGC everyone – the future is bright!

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