Vandy’s KiT 14 Shoutouts

After such a great event like KiT 14 ended, I’ve finally been able to sit down at a computer for the first time to type out some of my thoughts and thanks. I still need to catch up on a few days of sleep but all the tiredness is completely worth it. First I need to thank those involved with running KiT. An event like this doesn’t happen without several great people putting in some serious time and going above and beyond all expectations. Of course with a list like this I am sure to be forget someone – I apologize in advance and please point it out so I can give you your credit!

To my co-Tournament Organizer
Beely Bounedara (BeereeVit): This is what we dreamed of and it only goes up from here. Our synergy is an unstoppable force.

Our Art and Technical Director
Matt DiModica (oldschooldimo): Everything you had a hand in looked amazing. From the trailer to the stream schedule to the stream overlays everything looked professional. You are truly a skilled artist and we could not be luckier to have you on board at KiT. Just please stop including lightning in everything you do!

The Game Directors
Jason Wilson (DreamTR): Thank you for providing us with systems, monitors, games, and anything we needed. You are the best in the business at getting through a big bracket in a tightly alotted amount of time. Thanks also for playing the exhibition match, I know a lot of local players who wanted to see it.
Marqus Dawson (potatosalad): Thanks to Team Marq for coming in force and not only running Marvel for us, but also providing multiple setups. It is difficult to have to drive from out of state and still be responsible for so much, but I knew I could count on you.
Josh McWhorter (Icege): You are the Tekken enforcer I only wish I could be. You ran through the bracket in a long game like a pro. Also, thanks for doing top 8 commentary. I am calling you out at Final Round for a first to 5. I just hope I don’t get DQed.
Jonathan Conaway (Milln): Like we said at the venue, there has not been anyone more committed to helping us than you. I hope what little public recognition we gave you shows you how much we noticed and appreciated it.
Matthew Cronnon (KOkingpin): It was great partnering up with you again after so long. Thank you for running a successful Smash tournament for us and we hope to have you back for Smash 4. The KiT mod for Project M was sick!
Nick Guajardo (Gweedo): The Injustice community brought the hype and you were at the center. Thanks for all your help with connections and expertise in a community that did not know as much about us before this tournament. Because of you they do now.
Richard Smith (SlowJamzMixtape): Thank you for stepping up and running Killer Instinct. It really helped me out!

The Streamers
Jonathon Oudthone (pandaxgaming): This was a huge event for both us, and I could not be happier with how the stream turned out. You are able to solve technical problems quickly and you keep everything so professional. Who knew this would be the way things turned out all those months ago when I first came down to Arkansas – I didn’t know you were a streamer and you didn’t know I was a TO. I look forward to what the future holds for us.
Patrick Smith (sixfortyfive): Excellent stream, I was very impressed. It was a pleasure to work directly with you and even hop on commentary briefly during DOA.
Evan Holland and Onish Jain (smashstudios): Thank you for being so easy to work with. We were glad to have you on board. You run a crisp show.
Zack Pleiman (kitrevival): Sometimes we throw you to the wolves and tell you to defend for yourself, but you always do a great job with our local stream.

Vera, Sebastien, and Sherry (GamesterGear): It has been a pleasure working with you from the start. You committed to us early and were great to work with. I am so glad GamesterGear was able to have a presence at KiT.
Jeff Smith (Game Trader): The plaques looked amazing and the giftcards were appreciated. I heard a lot of thanks for the extra cash our players saved. I was blown away by how much helped us at the venue staying up late with us to do whatever was needed,
Zach Edwards (The Score): The badges were beautiful and we would have never been able to run as efficiently and smoothly as we did without everything you provided to us. Your monitors really did blow the rest away! Thank you too for being at the venue so much helping out.

Corey Wall (That 8 Bit Guy): Thanks so much for the KiT necklace! The players enjoyed having you there for sure. Next time I’ll pause for a second and get a custom made game character.
Shadi: I appreciated your artistic presence and hope to see you again next KiT.
Meredith Kearny (Lolita Bot): Awesome cosplay! Keep it up in Tekken. We need to get a few games in next event.
Matt Gummo: You were a hard working man over the weekend, and I know a lot of players appreciated having you there.

KiT Staff
Jessica, Kenny, Justin, Jeremy, Jonathan: None of this is possible without people working so hard in the background!

KiT Legends
Charlie (CodEZ): Happy birthday! I’m really glad you came to hang out with us and even stayed hours and hours after you said you were leaving lol
Shaggy (KDX): Finally made it back to one, good to see you again
Matt (Tricky): Thanks for the last minute help with setups and games. It was cool you made it out to see some of the finals.

Lastly, and most importantly to my wife, Alette. Without your support none of this would have been possible. You encouraged me to take the tournament to the next level and then helped us out during crunch time at the door. I love you baby!

I will post my thoughts on the event as a whole, how we got to where we are, and the future of KiT tomorrow.

Ian “Vandy” Davis

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