KiT:R – January 9, 2010 – AFTERMATH

I need to start this off by saying a big thank you to Ian. Without him this event would not have happened (somehow he mind tricks me into doing these events…). Also thanks to the rest of the KiT crew for helping out with everything – Cody, Beely (and Jill), Orel, Tad, and all TN players for coming out and representing. Mega props to everyone that attended for throwing the middle finger at the weather and making it out.

This was the biggest and baddest tourney in KiT’s long history. It makes me proud to be apart of a group that has evolved to become what it is today. I think back to the tournament that started it all in Murfreesboro. We didn’t have a name, but we had a dream — bring the best competition to TN and show them what we are about. These past few years have helped bring that dream into reality. I’ve said multiple times over the weekend that this is our last tourney until our next one, but if there is no next one I am glad we ended on such a perfect event.

Anyways..  check out the results here!

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