Game Director Week: Street Fighter IV


Today is the start of Game Director week – we kick things off with Street Fighter IV and the father of Tennessee Street Fighter, Jason “DreamTR” Wilson.

“I am a seasonsed tournament veteran with numerous top 8 finishes in national tournaments for Street Fighter Alpha 2, Alpha 3, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Capcom vs SNK I, 2, Mortal Kombat II, UMK3, and MK4 as well as a top 16 national GameStop Finalist in Street Fighter IV. I have been running Midwest Championships, the longest running yearly touranament in the USA, since 1997. I also ran the national Alpha 3 tournament (Daigo Umehara’s first appearance in the USA) and the national Mortal Kombat (MK9) tournament for PDP. I am currently the owner of Game Galaxy Arcade with three locations across Alabama and Tennessee. The Nashville location is the hub for Middle Tennessee fighting games with a weekly fight night and monthly tournaments.”

We definitely appreciate all of the support Game Galaxy has given to KiT over the years. Be sure to stop by the arcade and visit their website

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