Announcing KiT Streamers: PandaxGaming and Sixfortyfive


We are happy to announce two honored guests we will have in the house at KiT to stream for us! Jonathon Oudthone (PandaxGaming) and Patrick Smith (Sixfortyfive)

PandaxGaming is a broadcasting company based out of Central Arkansas. They specialize in broadcasting live gaming events to viewers all across the world through their partnership with TwitchTv. Aside from event broadcasting, they also specialize in organizing and running many of the tournaments in Central Arkansas. If they aren’t traveling for events or running their own they’re busy running the popular 24/7 Street Fighter stream on TwitchTv. PandaxGaming is slated to stream Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, Injustuce: Gods Among Us, and Killer Instinct for us at KiT.

Sixfortyfive represents Team Marq, a group of Marvel players from Alabama. He streams some monthly/quarterly fighting game tournaments in the state, and sometimes hauls his setup to majors or practice sessions throughout the southeast. Sixfortyfive will be broadcasting Street Fighter and Marvel for us!

We are very excited to have two of the top streamers and content producers in all of the south with us for KiT 14. Check out and follow their channels:

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