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Just like the Rocky series should have, I think the LOLFEST series is set for retirement. That doesn’t mean we were going to go out without a bang! We had our best turnout ever for a LOLFEST event, but some of the same results. Anakin may have been a little under the weather, but he pulled it out in the end.

1st – Anakin (ATL) – Roger
2nd – Trung (Knoxville) – Steve
3rd – Lil Majin (Memphis) – King
4th – I Eat Bamboo (Bristol) – Kuma

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LOLFEST 2009The first of the LOLFEST series on a weekend is here. LOLFEST III will be held on Sunday, May 17th in celebration of the big man’s birthday. For those unfamiliar with the LOLFEST series, we will bracket up for some T6:BR at Game Galaxy Arcade in Nashville. Afterwards, we usually try to get some SF4 or other random games in. I’m guessing this one may have more of a party feel to it (either the night before, the night after, or both!).

The arcade is only open from 12noon until 6pm. If you want to get enough casuals/practice in, you will need to do it the night before. We are going to start no later than 1pm. If you are not a LOLFEST veteran, please contact myself or Ian as you make plans to attend.

LOLFEST 2009Wait… wut? How can you half a lolfest? Can you really add a decimal to roman numerals? OF COURSE! THAT’S HOW WE ROLL!

Anyways, we will have some ATL presence this week with the addition of MeRED and WingZero. In addition to the new guys, we will also have LOLFEST veterans Josh, Jamie, Ryan, Donnie and Seong and Chris. I feel a team tourney coming on!

Just to get it out there, we are going to try to plan LOLFEST III for Big JIO’s birthday the weekend of May 17th – don’t make other plans!

Well Cody ended up coming anyways and took the damn thing… He did have to come out of the Loser’s bracket to finish off Trung.

Thanks again to Bristol/Knox for coming out. We are gonna have to get that SF4 tourney in next time!

Full results here.