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I need to start this off by saying a big thank you to Ian. Without him this event would not have happened (somehow he mind tricks me into doing these events…). Also thanks to the rest of the KiT crew for helping out with everything – Cody, Beely (and Jill), Orel, Tad, and all TN players for coming out and representing. Mega props to everyone that attended for throwing the middle finger at the weather and making it out.

This was the biggest and baddest tourney in KiT’s long history. It makes me proud to be apart of a group that has evolved to become what it is today. I think back to the tournament that started it all in Murfreesboro. We didn’t have a name, but we had a dream — bring the best competition to TN and show them what we are about. These past few years have helped bring that dream into reality. I’ve said multiple times over the weekend that this is our last tourney until our next one, but if there is no next one I am glad we ended on such a perfect event.

Anyways..  check out the results here!

Date: January 9, 2010
Sign-ups will start at 11 AM
Tournaments will start promptly at 12 PM
Games: Tekken 6, Street Fighter 4, BlazBlue (Tentative)

The biggest tournament in Tennessee is back and better than ever! With a guaranteed pot of $1000 for both Tekken 6 and Street Fighter 4 you can bet it will be hype!

This is a BRING YOUR OWN CONTROLLER EVENT (controller, stick, usb cable, converter, etc)

Check out the full announcement here.

Middle Tennessee rolled pretty deep to Memphis this weekend to compete at Inevitable 2009. According to industry, this will be the last in the Inevitable series but his tournaments are far from over in the Memphis area. As always it was fun to get out to Memphis and see our friends that don’t have an opportunity to travel a lot.

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LOLFEST 2009The first of the LOLFEST series on a weekend is here. LOLFEST III will be held on Sunday, May 17th in celebration of the big man’s birthday. For those unfamiliar with the LOLFEST series, we will bracket up for some T6:BR at Game Galaxy Arcade in Nashville. Afterwards, we usually try to get some SF4 or other random games in. I’m guessing this one may have more of a party feel to it (either the night before, the night after, or both!).

The arcade is only open from 12noon until 6pm. If you want to get enough casuals/practice in, you will need to do it the night before. We are going to start no later than 1pm. If you are not a LOLFEST veteran, please contact myself or Ian as you make plans to attend.

Well it was supposed to be a T6:BR gathering (which it was) turned tournament (people preferred to just get casuals). Luckily everyone came over to my place after for some ‘hardcore’ SF4. Only ten people entered the tournament and ATL decided to pull their normal… splitting the “pot”. Jerks. I’ll put Mike at the top spot since he was undefeated.

1st – Mike / MeRED-ATL (Balrog)
2nd – Richie / Wing_Zero (Ryu)
3rd – Donnie / Iceman (Balrog)
4th – Trung (Rufus)
5th – Ian / Vandy (Chun Li)
5th – Ryan (El Fuerte, Sakura, Dhalsim, Balrog)
7th – Josh / jio (Ken)
7th – Charlie / CodEZ (Sakura, Gouken)
9th – Justin / BCD (Ryu)
9th – Jamie / IEATBAMBOO (Sagat)

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