COVID - 19 Waiver and Liability

  • Risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable.

  • By attending Kumite in Tennessee 2021, you voluntarily assume all risks related to potential exposure to COVID-19. We highly recommend guests get vaccinated before attending Kumite in Tennessee 2021.

  • Wearing of masks is mandatory while actively playing tournament matches or casuals matches in the Kumite tournament area. Individually wrapped masks will be available to attendees for free in the case they do not have their own mask.

  • Engaging in assault, battery, physical harassment or abuse, or any other physical contact with any other person without their consent is strictly prohibited at Kumite in Tennessee 2021.

  • Pestering or stalking any other person or otherwise not respecting any other person’s reasonable desire to be left alone is strictly prohibited at Kumite in Tennessee 2021.

  • Engaging in discriminatory or hateful statements or behavior, including any based on race, color, ethnicity, nationality, citizenship, sex, sexual or romantic orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, neurodiversity, body size, or any other personal characteristic is strictly prohibited at Kumite in Tennessee 2021.

  • Tampering with a tournament, fixing any match or bracket, colluding, entering multiple times in a single tournament, substituting or being substituted for any other player mid-tournament or without good faith permission from the organizer, using disallowed game code exploits, or any other unsportsmanlike conduct or conduct that violates commonly accepted FGC tournament etiquette is strictly prohibited at Kumite in Tennessee 2021.

  • Any violations of the above prohibited actions can lead to ejection from the event and banning from future Kumite events at the sole discretion of the tournament organizers. Violations should be reported to a staff member at the tournament organizer desk.

  • Possession or use of firearms, knives, fireworks, explosives, ammunition, chemical weapons, or any other weapons not listed is strictly prohibited at Kumite in Tennessee 2021.

  • Possession or use of any illegal drug or narcotic is strictly prohibited at Kumite in Tennessee 2021.

  • Smoking or vaping is prohibited at Kumite in Tennessee 2021.

  • Attendees may request a refund of registration fees until the close of online registration on October 25. After the close of online registration no refunds will be offered.

  • In the event that Kumite in Tennessee 2021 is cancelled, all registration fees will be refunded.

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