Well it was supposed to be a T6:BR gathering (which it was) turned tournament (people preferred to just get casuals). Luckily everyone came over to my place after for some ‘hardcore’ SF4. Only ten people entered the tournament and ATL decided to pull their normal… splitting the “pot”. Jerks. I’ll put Mike at the top spot since he was undefeated.

1st – Mike / MeRED-ATL (Balrog)
2nd – Richie / Wing_Zero (Ryu)
3rd – Donnie / Iceman (Balrog)
4th – Trung (Rufus)
5th – Ian / Vandy (Chun Li)
5th – Ryan (El Fuerte, Sakura, Dhalsim, Balrog)
7th – Josh / jio (Ken)
7th – Charlie / CodEZ (Sakura, Gouken)
9th – Justin / BCD (Ryu)
9th – Jamie / IEATBAMBOO (Sagat)

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