KiT:R is in the books!

What a weekend this was. I have to give special thanks to the local crew for taking time out of their weekends and making this event a success (Ian, Cody, Beely, Kaci, Jon, Jason, Matt, Shaggy and anyone else I’m missing). Also, a special thanks to the MTAC Technical Crew for loaning me equipment (*cough* MTAC:Ninja April 3-5, 2009).

The Tekken 5:DR brackets were loaded with talent from all over, but ATL made sure the title stayed in the dirty. Anakin, wingzero and Clint took top 3:

Note: There has been discussion on a DVD for this event (T5:DR). I will post more when I have more information

Click here for the full results!

TZ Aftermath
SRK Aftermath
DustLoop Aftermath
Smash Aftermath

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