Game Director Week: Super Smash Bros.


Today we introduce a long time friend of KiT and the godfather of Middle Tennessee Smash, Matthew “KOkingpin” Cronnon.

“I have been into the Smash scene since the V-Games days (2005ish). I have been considered the Godfather of Middle Tennessee Smash where I have been in 2 Different crews: TWIPL (Those Who Inhabit Proximal Locations) and Middle TN Smash. I absolutely love this community and continue to play the game through Project M where I am a backroom member. I am excited and scared at the same time for Smash 4. I have messed around with a lot of other fighting games but nothing has ever caught my interest like Smash Brothers. I host weekly get togethers at my place where we also host other fighting games with my best friend and roommate Milln. Our house is pretty much the go to spot for Middle Tennessee to hang out and practice whatever game you want.”

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