Game Director Week: Persona 4 Arena


Today we cap things off for Game Director week with Persona 4 Arena and international man of mystery Jonathan “Milln” Conaway.

“I’ve been running tournaments and managing MTNG (Middle Tennessee Needs Gaming) for around 5 years now. I’ve always been a competitive gamer and had a knack for it. Over the years I’ve met several people that have been integral to my growth both as a fighting game player and as a tournament host. Guilty Gear has been in my life for as long if not longer and I’ve always had an interest in it. I don’t think I’ve met anyone that ever had anything truly negative to say about Guilty Gear. Everyone loves it. BlazBlue and Persona are the new airdasher games and people have taken to them as well, so where there’s competition, there’ll be events! That’s where I come in. My main focus is to give people a place to play and some structure for growth.”

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