Game Director Week: Marvel vs. Capcom 3


We continue the introductions of our Game Directors today with the man who will be running the hypest game of all: Marvel vs. Capcom 3! We are thrilled to bring to the team Marqus “potatosalad” Von Dawson.

“I have played Marvel vs. Capcom 3 since day 1 though I didn’t started playing competitively until the last few months prior to the launch of Ultimate. I hit the ground running as a competitor once UMvC3 came out and haven’t looked back since. To date, I have won about a dozen tournaments amongst states in the SouthEast (AL, TN, GA, NC, FL). I started up the Alabama Turnbuckle Kings tournament series in Huntsville, AL about a year ago to help spark the local community’s interest in improving their play. The Team MARQ crew came about along the same time as a joke among a small group of friends but is slowly starting to be a recognized group in the FGC. Our primary goal now is to develop and showcase the hidden Marvel talent that lies in the SouthEast to the rest of the world through the various sessions, tournies, salty suites, etc. we host or attend.”

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