Game Director Week: Injustice


Continuing along with our introductions – we welcome a newcomer to Tennessee who will be running Injustice: Gods Among Us, Nick “Gweedo” Guajardo.

“I recently moved to Tennessee from Florida, where I was an active member of the scene there. I am one of the old guys of the group, married with three kids. I have been into competitive gaming since the Dreamcast and Marvel Vs Capcom. I got into Halo Competing in local events and the early day MLG’s in Halo and Gears of War. I returned to the FGC once I moved from Michigan to Florida. During my time working at EA Sports we played Street Fighter 4 during lunches. Since then I have competed in games such as SSFAE, UMVC3, and Kof XIII with my Main Focus being MK9,Injustice, and TTT2. I have competed at CEO, FR for the last couple years and I help Jebailey, the organizer of the Community Effort Orlando (CEO) tournament, run pools at every monthly and major for the past two years. I also ran a few MK/Injustice tournaments before I left Florida. I hope to start hosting again once I move into a place that has size and allows it.”

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