Game Director Week: Dead or Alive, Soul Calibur, and Killer Instinct


“Along with Beely Bounedara, I am the main tournament organizer for KiT 14. When it comes to running tournaments I value time and efficiency to ensure players have the best tournament experience possible. While Tekken is my favorite game, Dead or Alive and Soul Calibur are close seconds and I am very excited about the new Killer Instinct. Though in recent years the birth of my 2 children has kept me from traveling as much as I used to, I have been to places from Texas to Virginia to compete in DOA and Soul Calibur – mainly for SC2, SC3, DOA2U, and DOA4 where I competed under my old name, WoTmanX. With new entries into each series since I last compteted I am committed to seeing them grow. I consider myself a caretaker for these sometimes overlooked games at KiT and I am happy to give them the exposure they need.”

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