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Well it was supposed to be a T6:BR gathering (which it was) turned tournament (people preferred to just get casuals). Luckily everyone came over to my place after for some ‘hardcore’ SF4. Only ten people entered the tournament and ATL decided to pull their normal… splitting the “pot”. Jerks. I’ll put Mike at the top spot since he was undefeated.

1st – Mike / MeRED-ATL (Balrog)
2nd – Richie / Wing_Zero (Ryu)
3rd – Donnie / Iceman (Balrog)
4th – Trung (Rufus)
5th – Ian / Vandy (Chun Li)
5th – Ryan (El Fuerte, Sakura, Dhalsim, Balrog)
7th – Josh / jio (Ken)
7th – Charlie / CodEZ (Sakura, Gouken)
9th – Justin / BCD (Ryu)
9th – Jamie / IEATBAMBOO (Sagat)

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First of all, I would like to thank everyone that comes and makes these events a success — from you veterans to the first timers. Ian and I take pride in a well run event that is fun for everyone. We appreciate any input and especially mad props 🙂

On to the results, but wait! I’m going to make you go to the event page shortly (you will have to continue reading to get that far though).

Lil Majin came to this KiT in an attempt to regain his beastly status. While some may say taking both SF4 & SC4 and taking 2nd in T5DR was enough, I say no sir! Anakin came back from the losers to avenge his loss to Lil Majin in winner’s finals to take T5DR. Who will step up to protect this house?! Full results here 🙂

Well another great one is in the books! ATL showed up to prove they are still the dominant force in Tekken 5 by taking the top 4 spots. An up and coming player from Knoxville took everyone by surprise and won the Soul Calibur 4 tournament undefeated!

Check out the full results here.